Change the Network's Mode


First of all, close or suspend all applications that use the Network Environment.

  1. In {Start}, type "Device Manager" and press {Enter};
  2. Search in the Devices list and expand the Network Adapters;
  3. Using the feature of the second mouse button to disable the first Network Adapter;
    * Repeat this step for all network adapters in your system in Network Adapters.
    ** After each change, the Device Manager will check the hardware again, so your monitor may flicker when
  4. Also in Device Manager, rehabilitate only the adapter associated with the configuration Public Network you are trying to change.
    For example, if you are trying to connect to the Wireless Network, enable the Wireless Adapter.
    * The system will observe the reappearance of the network and attempt to connect. This connection attempt may fail, but it's all right, it is expected.
  5. In {Start} type "Network and Sharing Center" and choose Central Share Network;
  6. In the lower left side of the dialog box, choose the Homegroup and Sharing option;
  7. Click What is a network location? and select your network location.
    * If you want to continue to set up a Homegroup, simply follow the remaining steps. A Domestic group is not required, so you can just leave the Homegroup setup after selecting the correct network location.
  8. The last step is to rehabilitate the remaining adapters, one by one in Device Manager.
    Using the feature of the second mouse button on each adapter disabled in Network Adapters and Enable them.
    When all network adapters are enabled, simply close the Device Manager and ready!