Six months in France, a year and a half in Spain and in Portugal over ten years were the following challenges. In Portugal I was invited to "Managing IT". And I still did not know quite what it was. Just I knew it was interesting and even more became after taking the Infrastructure Management in the first year and Project Management within two years.

It was the moment to meet BI (Business intelligence) and to meet the BSC (Balanced Scorecard) in ISPGAYA (Instituto Superior Politécnico Gaya). Hence the interest in IT increased so much that Microsoft Certifications became the challenge of time. And in the Microsoft Training Centers there is no way to be part of trends and new challenges.




Not before a year was now possible to use the IBM 3278-2's keyboard and have the first contacts with the DOS/VSE in IBM 4331. Finally in 1986 I was faced with the challenge of learning to work with an IBM-PCxt 8088 to share knowledge with other employees of the CPD, IT today.

With the "at will" daily more exciting, appeared some opportunities with the Apple IIe and the MS Windows 3.0.On the recommendation of a CPD Manager, I opted for Microsoft and follow this option.

When, after about eight years of walking in the ECB (Empresa Contrutora Brasil S/A), was invited to start activity as Advisor in Micro-computer I had no difficulty in accepting this challenge. The same CPD Manager offered me support for a course at UFMG and UFSC. The second had to be abandoned in the final stretch by the demand that existed my new stage: Project Development in VB6 / MS SQL / NT4.


And one of the contacts took me to a "new" continent. It was the turn of another infrastructure project and Administrative. This time in Angola. Excellent personal experience and new era: Virtualization.

Knowing and studying Virtualization I was invited to take Microsoft Partnership and currently I do Advisory and Training in Microsoft environments (Server 2003, 2008R2, 2012 and Hyper-V) and VMware (vSphere).

What will be next?


In the professional field the path is already longer than sometimes I am aware!

A beginning with a formal presentation to the Computing when still did not know if the Mathematics Graduate would be my choice.

I went through the same adventure that all beginners in the field of technology (Computing was the general term applied in Brazil in mid-1980). Until "Rubber to erase memory of the CPU" was part of the material that I should ask in the Warehouse.